Spice up your party with high quality, elegantly designed DownIT skull shot glasses! Each shot glass can hold 1.5oz (if you fill it right above the eyes), and up to 2.0oz (if you fill it to the brim). 1.5oz for a deadly shot, 2.0oz for a spectacular Flaming Lamborghini – light those skulls on fire and bring your party to a whole new level! The thick, solid base ensures an enjoyable drinking experience. Slam down the shot glass after every shot, because you won’t have to worry about breaking it into pieces. The walls of the shot glass are elegantly slanted to enhance the overall aesthetic appeal – an absolutely stunning addition to your beautiful display collection. So what are you waiting for? Get a DownIT skull shot glass for a guaranteed 100% customer satisfaction, because we pride ourselves in both the quality of our product and customer service. Perfect for gift, perfect for parties, impress your friends with a DownIT skull shot glass!